Sea Breeze

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It has a MULTI CUISINE RESTAURANT named SEA BREEZE & a Bar named MOON VINE with utmost sophistication , excellent services & variety of choices .

It serves buffet lunch & dinner with a trendy mix of cross cultural cuisine. Menu features the high class best quality multi cuisine with range of food delicacies. True taste of authentic Continental, Indian delicacies under heading south Indian ,north Indian dishes ,Chinese & many more are available. A typical South Indian meal consists of many spicy and non-spicy dishes and is predominantly vegetarian. Many of these dishes are typically mixed and eaten with steamed rice, which is the staple food of the region. Tamil cuisine groups dishes under four slightly overlapping categories. First are the dishes that necessarily are mixed with rice; various Kuzhambu, Sa-mbhar, Parapet, Rasam, Thayir, Kadaiyals and the likes belong to this category. The second are the side dishes that accompany such mixtures; Kootu, Kari, Poriyal, Pickles, Papads fall into this category. Third are the short snacks and their accompaniments; vadai, bonda, bajji, soups, various chutneys, thayir pachadi and the likes belong to this category. The fourth category is usually the rich, sweet dishes that serve as desserts; Payasam, Kheer, Kesari and a plethora of Indian sweets belong to this category. Apart from these, varieties of continental, north Indian dishes are provided to match the taste buds of diverse domestic & international tourists. Taste food like never before & much more.

Opening timings: 7:00AM - 11:00PM